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NEWSI is dedicated to providing first responders with comprehensive, CE-accredited training, blending foundational knowledge with advanced field tactics.

CE-accredited courses, designed to improve your performance in the field
Bespoke training programs and consulting services, meticulously crafted for fire departments and EMS agencies
QA/QI development & integration consulting for fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence

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Training for those serving on the front line

NEWSI aims to support first responders dedicated to wildland firefighting and emergency response.

Our training is a blend of skill and teamwork, designed to prepare you for real-world front-line challenges. Join us and turn your passion for helping others into exceptional firefighting and medical expertise.


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Expert Guidance

Our team, rich in industry expertise, offers insights and training that transform emergency services.

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Personalized Solutions

We specialize in custom training and consulting, precisely aligning with the unique needs of your department or agency for optimal operational excellence.

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Unwavering Support

NEWSI is your steadfast partner, helping you to create a data-driven EMS System that fosters a culture of excellent performance and quality patient care.

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financial support for aspiring EMTs and paramedics

Mike Hudson Memorial Fund

Greatest Teachers Inspire

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Evelyn Hallford

Founder and President

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Dave Branfman

Attorney and Author

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Stephanie Benjamin

Medical Director, EMP

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Shawn Fernandes

Firefighter, Capitan Paramedic

teachers image
Nicole Garrett

CHT & Safety Director, Instructor

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Donnie Laurent

Capitan Paramedic

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Right Front Seat Podcast

Hit play and ride along as we delve into the risks and rewards of a life of service.

Everyone wants to know what's happening in the world, but not everyone has the time to sit down and read through a bunch of articles, so the Right Front Seat is here for you to learn about the undeniable impact of devoting yourself to a cause greater than oneself while covering the hard topics that others don’t want to go near. 

Join veteran firefighters Anthony ‘Tony’ Chapman and Shawn Fernandes as they cover real stories from their view in the Right Front Seat. Giving you bi-weekly conversations from their journeys in the right front seat, these work pals might not be experts, and they might not always agree, but they are shining a light on the real side of a life in service.


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NEWSI’s goal is to nurture skilled, confident, and exceptional frontline personnel within a supportive community. We provide CE training surpassing international standards and ensuring access to top-level emergency medical care, tailored to field personnel and wildland firefighters.

This is NEWSI - here, no first responder stands alone – we're united in our commitment to safety and life-saving, enriched by continuous education, and bonded by a culture of unwavering support and resilience. We provide original training platforms using the latest e-learning techniques and tools to engage learners. We provide a library of original course ideas that have been requested and tailored to meet the current trends seen and experienced by first responders on the front lines and in austere environments.

Expert-led training

Gain insights from experienced professionals who combine real-world expertise with academic knowledge to provide top-tier emergency service education.

Competitive pricing

We provide top-quality education and consulting services at competitive prices, offering great value for your investment.

Customized solutions

NEWSI tailors its training and consulting services to meet the unique needs of your team, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Innovative learning practices

NEWSI employs cutting-edge teaching methods and technology, ensuring engaging, effective, and up-to-date learning experiences for all participants.

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