Our Mission

At NEWSI, our mission is to equip those on the front lines with the highest level of training possible. We are committed to providing a comprehensive education that goes beyond standard certifications, focusing on real-world skills that save and protect lives. Our CE training programs are designed to ensure that every firefighter and field personnel has access to the best medical care knowledge and emergency response techniques available.

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Over 150 years
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Our Vision

NEWSI envisions a world where every first responder is empowered with superior training and skills. We aim to create a community where safety, education, and culture are deeply intertwined, supporting the valiant individuals who stand against wildland fires and life-threatening emergencies. Our vision is to continuously surpass national education standards, setting new benchmarks in emergency medical service training.


Committed to training a new generation of first responders, ready to protect and serve with excellence.


Fostering a community that exists for all hazards emergency professionals.

A Word From Our Founder

Evelyn Hallford

I would like to welcome you to the NEWSI Nation. It is truly a privilege to extend a warm welcome to each one of you. NEWSI is more than just an average online educational platform but rather a community that exists for first responders and other EMS professionals working in all hazardous environments. The goal was to create a place where individuals passionate about the work that they do and the difference that they make could publish, teach, learn, and help others.
When individuals find themselves amid their worst days, facing sickness, injury, fear, or danger, they deserve to know that a competent and well-trained professional is on their way to them. At NEWSI, we understand the gravity of this responsibility and approach it with the utmost sincerity. In the wake of the pandemic, EMS education has undergone significant changes.
Drawing from my own firsthand experience as a first responder and from the collective expertise of our dedicated team, we recognize that competence is the key to instilling confidence. Together, let us empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to positively impact the lives of those in need. Welcome to our community of learners committed to making a difference in the communities that they serve.

Team Members

Meet the minds behind the magic at NEWSI – a diverse crew of passionate professionals dedicated to revolutionizing public safety education. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and drive, collaborating to deliver impactful learning experiences and innovative solutions. Get to know the team powering our mission.

Evelyn Hallford


Stephanie Benjamin

MA, MD, FAWM- Medical Director

Lance Timmons

Sales and Client Relations

Trusted By

The Mike Hudson Memorial

A portion of our course earnings, developed with Mike's expertise, and generous contributions from donors, goes towards helping students cover the costs of pursuing careers in Emergency Medical Services. This memorial fund is our tribute to a man who dedicated his life to saving others, and through it, his spirit of service and excellence endures.

In memory of Mike Hudson, a former Navy Corpsman and a beacon of inspiration in emergency medical training, NEWSI established the Mike Hudson Memorial Fund. Mike's legacy as a respected paramedic, and a dedicated instructor lives on through this fund. It aims to provide financial support to aspiring EMTs and paramedics, ensuring that Mike’s passion for high-quality education and integrity continues to impact future generations. EMS lost one of its most passionate members when Mike passed away in 2022.