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Lend a hand in shaping the future of those who rush in when others rush out. Your generosity provides scholarships to aspiring first responders, offering them the chance at a future filled with saving lives and serving communities. Together, we can support these courageous hearts on their journey to become heroes.


Ignite change. Your gift lights the path for emergency service pioneers.


Boost a hero’s journey. Donate to equip tomorrow’s first responders.


What does our fund do

The Michael Hudson Memorial Fund is dedicated to helping to foster the next generation of those who seek to serve others.

Our fund specifically supports those seeking careers as first responders and emergency services. Specifically, firefighters, lifeguards, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics.

By contributing to our fund, donors play a crucial role in supporting public safety in their communities. The donated funds are used to cover tuition and supplies for scholars who are accepted to attend these training programs.

NEWSI donates a portion of its earnings to the fund quarterly as part of our endeavour to inspire and support those who seek career opportunities that will, in return, result in a ripple effect in our communities by supporting those who in return help us.

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