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Everyone wants to know what's happening in the world, but not everyone has the time to sit down and read through a bunch of articles, so the Right Front Seat is here for you to learn about the undeniable impact of devoting yourself to a cause greater than oneself while covering the hard topics that others don’t want to go near. 

Join veteran firefighters Anthony ‘Tony’ Chapman and Shawn Fernandes as they cover real stories from their view in the Right Front Seat. Giving you bi-weekly conversations from their journeys in the right front seat, these work pals might not be experts, and they might not always agree, but they are shining a light on the real side of a life in service.

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Shawn Fernandes has served in the Fire Service and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with a remarkable 33+ years of dedicated service. Beginning his journey in 1988 as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at Harston’s Medical Services, he progressed to become a reserve firefighter for the Bostonia Fire Service in El Cajon in 1989. 

Graduating from Southwestern College’s paramedic school in 1990, Shawn joined American Medical Response (AMR), where he not only practiced as a paramedic but also served as a preceptor and field evaluator, contributing significantly to the training of aspiring paramedics. In 1999, Shawn transitioned to the City of Oceanside as a firefighter paramedic, showcasing his commitment to community safety. His impact extended beyond emergency response, as he assumed roles such as ALS and BLS instructor, fireacademy instructor, and participation in hiring boards for new firefighters.

Recognized for his leadership, Shawn was promoted to Captain in 2009, where he continued to lead as the Tiller Truck Captain and as an instructor at the Oceanside Fire Academy. His commitment to education persists where he has been an adjunct instructor for the Palomar EMT and Paramedic Programs and was one of the lead facilitators of the Military in Transition (MIT) program with his department. His contributions have earned him the Medal of Valor from the City of Oceanside.

Shawn Fernandez

Meet Anthony Chapman, a seasoned professional with 30 years of dedicated service in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and firefighting. Anthony embarked on his EMS journey in 1994 as an EMT for Hartson Medical Services in San Diego, California.

He served as a single-role EMT for Oceanside Fire Department while working as a paramedic in San Diego, eventually joining Oceanside Fire Department as a firefighter paramedic. Anthony has taken on various roles, including EMT and paramedic field training officer, SWAT paramedic/team leader, and Heli-Tac/Rescue Flight Medic.

His dedication to education is evident through his roles as an EMT instructor since 1998, paramedic assistant instructor since 1999, and regional fire academy instructor since 2002. Anthony’s leadership skills shine as he progresses through roles such as firefighter paramedic, and engineer paramedic, and currently serving as a Fire Captain/Paramedic since 2012. His influence extends to the academic realm, serving as an adjunct faculty fire academy instructor at Palomar College and contributing as an Oceanside Fire Department Academy Cadre Assistant and Lead Instructor since 2004.

With numerous certifications, including California State Fire Officer, California State Fire Line EMT/Paramedic, and California State Engine Boss, Anthony has received accolades such as the American Legion Medal of Valor and the City of Oceanside Fire Department Medal of Valor.

Anthony Chapman